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We're inspired everyday by stories about people and their animals. A natural way to express the feelings and love we have for our pets, is through music.
Along with your photos and short videos, we have a way to make that feeling last forever.
We offer an original piece of music, along with a video of your pet or animal that will be yours forever, to share with family and friends.


Short demo video


Short demo video


Short demo video


Short demo video

Little Wings

These are demostration videos with music of some animals.

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About Us

We have music producers that have worked for years in the music business. They have written songs for Movies (including) Ghost Busters, and multible TV projects. We have worked with artists like Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Barbara Streisand, Elton John to name a few. We have music and video studios in New York and Florida. This is an opportunity for the first time to have a personal song written for for pet or animal and have a video, much like the ones we show as examples on the 4everinourhearts web site. You know how special your pet is, so now you can make them a star with a music video made specifically for them.

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Welcome to

Introducing Charlie

This is a little guy that won the hearts of everyone he would meet~ here's Charlie..,

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